Interview: Kasia Skowronska


The following is an interview I made with Kasia Skowronska at the 2004 Volleymasters.



Kasia thanks so much for meeting me and to have a little chat about you and volleyball.
No problem.  But my english is very bad.  So forgive me.
V-pics Quite the opposite, I think your english is very good and I can say for sure it is 100 times better than my Polish. 
V-Pics Kasia tell me how did you get interested in playing volleyball in the first place?
Kasia My older brother played volleyball.
V-Pics Did he play with a club?
Kasia He did yes and he also played with the national team in the Juniors. I said I must play this sport and so that is how I started. He was injured one day and so he stopped playing.
V-Pics Was it a bad injury?
Kasia Yes and this caused him to stop playing then.
V-Pics Is he older or younger than you?
Kasia He is four years older than me.
V-Pics Have you other brothers and sisters?
Kasia Yes I have two brothers older than me.
V-Pics Do you have any sisters?
Kasia No, no sisters. I am the only one.
V-Pics You poor thing Kate, no sisters Aw! What age were you when you started playing?
Kasia I was about fourteen or fifteen year old. I played in a club. After about two years I went to another club called SMS who had players who were playing on the National team.
V-Pics How long before you played then with the national team?
Kasia I played for two years there and then played for a few monts on the Cadet team, then shortly after i went to the Junior national team. I played the next year in a club only and the following year I played in the national team.
V-Pics Have you always played in the middle position Kate?
Kasia No, I started on the outside attack on the left side. The coach then said I have power and am tall so I should play in the centre.
V-Pics And would you like to play as a wing hitter now?
Kasia No I am happy in the middle and sometimes I play opposite and I am happy doing that.
V-Pics Have you travelled to many countries?
Kasia I was here in Montreux before, but I did not remember it as I was younger and I was here with the national junior team to watch the tournament. I liked to watch Cuba with USA.
V-Pics What players have you seen that you said “I think these are great players”?
Kasia Oh I think about two years ago I watched Elizaveta Tichtchenko in my position and said she is perfect. I think she is great. Also Rui Rui from China. She is also great.
We then spoke about how RuiRui was injured at that time.
V-Pics They are not sure if she will be back for the Olympics are they.
Kasia No they are not sure as I think it is a bad injury to her leg, maybe broken and it may take some time to get her playing again. She is a great player and China may miss her.
V-pics Ok Kate if you were to pick the best six players for to make one team who would they be?
Kasia Oh! That is a good question. Haha! Ohhhh! Ok I think my two centres would be Tichtenko and RuiRui. I think maybe Feng Kun is a very good setter from China. I think Glinka to play on the left side, on the wing. I really think she is a great player.
I think she could also play on both sides, left or right.
The interview was around the time Malgorzata Glinka was due to be maried. I joked with Kasia and asked why she did not cancel the wedding to play in Montreux and we laughed.  Kate said it was a pity she was not there with the team as she thinks she is one of the best in the world.
V-Pics Who would yo like as your other wing player then?
Kasia I think Ruiz of Cuba for the left side also. But there are many many great players who could play on this side, it is a very difficult question. For libero I think the Japanese libero or Cardullo of Italy.
We chated about one or two past players again. I would like to have got the name of a six player but Kate had to go soon so I asked her one or two last questions.
V-Pics Maybe Poland for the next Olympics? What do you think?
Kasia Yes I hope. We were very close this year. We are very sad that we did not get there this year. But we will try and we will fight for the next one.
V-Pics What about your club now?  Would you like to play with another club?
Kasia Well I will see this year. About my contract with my present club. If it is ok then I will stay one more year. But if it is not good then I would like to play for another club.
V-Pics Is there anywhere in particular you would like to go?
Kasia Well I would like to go to Italy sometime because it is a very good league, the best league. But it is not for me this year as I am not at my best I would like to be able to play there.
V-Pics Any particular club?
Kasia Well I have to think about that, not sure just yet.
V-Pics Would you like to play in Japan?
Kasia Well Japan is a distance away and also a different style of play and i think it is more difficult to play in Japan.  Italy is in Europe so it is nearer.
I would like to thank Kate for talking to me on behalf of Volleypics and also Gerard from Kate’s website for his help.  Kate is a really nice person and so easy to talk to and as is even more beautiful to meet in person as she is to see in her pictures.
Thank you so much Kate.